Thursday, July 25, 2013

UniqOne Shampoo & Balm

Uniqone Shampoo & Balm makes achieving perfect hair easier and quicker than ever before: cleanliness, repair, smoothness, shine, silkiness… all in one single product!

The first cleansing balm with 10 benefits that both cleans and conditions hair without damaging it.

How it works:
Its texture is completely different to conventional shampoos. Hydrates the scalp and protects. Does not affect the scalps natural layer of protection. Respects the pH of the skin. The hair is left clean, conditioned and well cared for.

1. Washes thoroughly and gently
2. Excellent conditioner
3. Protects hair color
4. Silkiness & smoothness
5. Adds shine
6. Adds volume
7. Strengthens & fortifies hair
8. Provides heat protection
9. Repairs damaged hair
10. Sulfate-Free

How to use:
Wet hair with warm water. Apply to the hair and massage it across the scalp using your hands. Add a little water to help work the product over the entire scalp. Massage the full length of hair, using a little more warm water to ensure the product is spread from the root to the tip. Note that it does not produce foam like conventional shampoos; this is because it is completely sulfate-free and so does not damage the hair. Leave to work in for approx. 1-2 minutes.Completely wash out the product with plenty of water making sure the entire scalp and the whole length of the hair is rinsed thoroughly. Finish off with Uniqone HAIR TREATMENT to get the best results.

UniqOne is available at:

Gould's Cordova 901.757.4600
Gould's Houston Levee 901.854.8689
Gould's Olive Branch 662.890.9292
Gould's Park Place 901.767.3888
Gould's Poplar Plaza 901.323.8594
Gould's Peabody 901.578.8868
Gould's Germantown 901.754.2880
Gould's Collierville 901.854.7336
Gould's Forest Hill 901.757.4133
Gould's Parkway 901.755.5541
Gould's Wolfchase 901.386.5101

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